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Bruno Oesch, Irene Schiller, Lino Camponovo, Markus Aebi

About us

Malcisbo AG was founded in May 2010 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) by Markus Aebi, Lino Camponovo, Irene Schiller and Bruno Oesch. Shareholders are private investors, ETH Zürich and ZKB.

The company is specialized on glycoengineering technologies to develop novel and efficient glycoconjugate vaccines at low production costs. The main focus of Malcisbo’s platform is on bacterial diseases targeting animal health, human food safety and zoonotic diseases. 

Our first vaccines target human Campylobacter infections (prevention of food poisoning) and porcine Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae infections (prevention of economic loss during food production) thus significantly reducing the use of antibiotics.

We employ a strong multi-disciplinary team of 6 people exhibiting complementary skills in different areas. The company maintains an extensive international network.


Artur Chabowski

Chief Executive Officer

He has more than 25 years of experience in biotech, pharma, veterinary products, and food supplements. Mr. Chabowski has been the CEO, founder, angel investor, shareholder, and adviser (Mabion, Lipid Systems, Proteon Pharmaceuticals) in addition to many years in investment banking (ABN AMRO, CAIB) and corporate finance advisory (KPMG). His experiences include raising financing for startups, from European and US investors and securing large EU grants for research and development.

Mr Chabowski received his M.Sc. in Organization and Management from Warsaw University of Technology. He also completed post-graduate studies in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University. He is a member of many Supervisory Boards and one of the co-founders of the Cambridge PYTHON, a foundation, for the promotion of academic entrepreneurship and science commercialization based on the University of Cambridge methods.

Dr. Christine Neupert

Chief Scientific Officer & Deputy CEO

With her strong molecular biology background, she sets the scientific direction of the company. She leads the development of novel vaccines until the proof of concept in the target animal species. Furthermore, she manages the intellectual property strategy. As a member of the management board, she supports the CEO on the company business strategy.

In 2012 she joined Malcisbo with 6 years’ experience in the field of glycobiology and established the laboratory at Malcisbo. Since joining the team, she has successfully led the APP prototype vaccine as well as the Campylobacter vaccine to the proof of concept.

Dr Neupert obtained her PhD degree in the lab of Markus Aebi at the ETH Zurich in 2010 followed by a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the same laboratory. She is author of several peer-reviewed papers and two patents. In addition, she acquired non-dilutive fundings for Malcisbo.


Dr. Marc Baer


Marc Baer studied veterinary medicine at the University of Zurich, graduating in 1982. He worked at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zurich until 1986 and he holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Zurich. He works as veterinarian for companion animals and horses in his private practice since 1986. Marc Bär was member of the board of directors of Julius Bär Holding AG and Julius Bär Asset Mgmt. AG from 1999 to 2005.

Dr. Benjamin Wilhelm

Vice Chairman

Benjamin Wilhelm studied Biology at the University of Göttingen (Germany) where he graduated in 2013 with a PhD in Molecular Neuroscience. After graduating he subsequently left science to work as a business consultant developing growth strategies for his clients in the Pharmaceutical and MedTech Industry. During the 6 years as a Consultant he started at McKinsey & Company and later joined Stonehaven Consulting as a Partner (both for approximately 3 years). In the beginning of 2020 he left consulting to join the Medical Systems Division of Olympus Europe to work as an Executive Assistant & Strategic Advisor to the Managing Director in EMEA.

Dr. David Gerber

David Gerber studied Veterinary Medicine at the University of Zurich where he graduated in 1988. In 1993 he obtained his Dr. med. vet. at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Zurich. Since 2000 he is the Managing Director of the Institute of Endangered Research (Pty) Ltd in South Africa. David is also Co-founder and Member of Rovid CC (since 2001) and he holds positions as head of Research and Development of V-Tech (Pty) Ltd (since 2003) and as Director Sales and Marketing of Afripet (Pty) Ltd (since 2006).

Prof. Dr. Markus Aebi

Markus Aebi studied Biology at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) where he got his PhD in 1983.He is a Co-founder of Malcisbo and former Professor of Mycology at the Institute of Microbiology of ETH with a research focus in Glycobiology.


Dr. Alex Eggen, Director AEVC BV.

Dr. Alex Eggen graduated as veterinarian DVM in 1980 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After graduation he worked in several veterinary practices in the Netherlands and on projects in Africa.  After these activities he joined the international pharmaceutical industry.  
Currently he is the owner of AEVC BV (Alex Eggen Veterinary Consultancy BV). AEVC BV provides services and consultancies to the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, veterinary universities and institutes, in the field of animal health in general and swine health management in particular.
Specific activities included the introduction of several swine vaccines, including PRRS, PCV2, APP vaccines and other pharmaceutical animal health products. For further insights, 50 Health Insight columns that appeared in International Pig Topics described his vast experience. He has given numerous presentations on animal health conferences throughout the world. Alex Eggen is also the Executive Director of the European Association of Porcine Health Management (EAPHM).

Prof. Dr. Dirk Werling

Prof. Dr. Dirk Werling, Professor of Molecular Immunology in the Department of Pathology and Pathogen Biology at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London is a specialist in veterinary immunology (innate immune system) and host-pathogen interaction. He has research experience in the development of dendritic cell based vaccines for farm animals by targeting the class of innate immune receptors, such as the Toll-like receptors. His research is funded through BBSRC, EU grants as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Richard Hoop

Prof. Dr. Richard Hoop, Professor emeritus of Poultry Diseases at the Institute of Veterinary Bacteriology, Vetsuisse Faculty Zurich holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a habilitation for poultry diseases and microbiology from University of Zurich. He did his Postdoc at the Institute of  Animal Health, Houghton, UK (Professor J. Payne). He has a strong expertise in poultry, pet bird and rabbit diseases and veterinary diagnostics. Furthermore, he provides an extensive international network including universities and veterinary authorities.

Dr. Lino Camponovo

Lino Camponovo is Co-founder and former CEO of Malcisbo AG. He has 25 years of experience as a senior executive & board member in the international veterinary pharmaceutical industry and as a consultant. He holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine from University of Zurich. Prior to his industrial career he was head of a large animal veterinary clinic for 10 years. He completed the Akzo Nobel Senior Management Program at Theseus faculty, Nice (Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Strategic management) in 1999. He has a vast and strong international network in veterinary industry, universities and veterinary authorities and acts as a commercial advisor to Malcisbo.

Dr. Ruurd Stolp

Dr. Ruurd Stolp graduated from the University of Utrecht in 1980. For three years he was a research assistant and obtained his PhD from the University of Utrecht in 1985. Prior to his employment with Intervet, he was a practitioner at the Animal Hospital Noord Nederland B.V., where he was in particular responsible for Internal Medicine of Companion Animals. He worked since the beginning of 1988 for four years at the veterinary hospital, and was registered as a Specialist in Internal Medicine for Companion Animals in 1988. He joined Intervet in 1987. During his 20 year career at Intervet he lived for 3 years in the US, Millsboro DE. During this time, he was responsible for the global manufacturing organization and served as Vice President of Technical Affairs. As President of Intervet International from 2002-2007 he was responsible for all aspects of the business: commercial, research, manufacturing and finance. From 2008-2009 he served as Senior Vice President and President of Global Animal Health operations for the Schering-Plough Corporation, responsible for overseeing the company’s worldwide animal health business, which includes vaccines, growth promoters, anti-infectives, and anti-parasiticides. After leaving SP he was Managing Director of GD Animal Health Service Deventer & Vaxxinova.

Dr. Dieter Lütticken

Dr. Dieter Lütticken specialized after graduation at the Veterinary Faculty of the Justus Liebig University in Giessen in Microbiology. His professional career from 1976 until 2003 comprises 7 years of experience in the diagnosis of infectious diseases of poultry, 5 years of experience in vaccine production. Dr. Lütticken held various positions in Research and Develoment as well as in Management of Intervet International (Netherlands) e.g. Head of the Virological and Parasitololgical Research Programme for 10 years. In his final position at Intervet as Vice President of Research and Develoment he was leading a group of about 800 people with responsibility for veterinary product development and licensing. Other scientific positions: 2001-2007 Member of the Governing Body of The Institute for Animal Health (IAH), UK; 2005-2007 Director of GALV med. Edinburgh, UK; 2003-2009 Scientific Advisor for Nobilon (NL) in the field of human vaccine development.

Dr. Lukas Bruckner

Dr. Lukas Bruckner graduated at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Berne. For three years he was a research assistant at the Institute of Veterinary Virology and worked on rabies virus and BVD virus. He then joined WHO as a consultant for rabies in the Mediterranean area. Since 1983 he worked at the Federal Vaccine Institute, the research institute of the Federal Veterinary Office. He became the head of the department of vaccine control and was responsible for licensing and batch testing of immunological veterinary medicinal products (IVMP). He is working as an expert in the expert group on veterinary vaccines and sera of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.) as well as member of the Swiss delegation to the Ph.Eur. Commission. Actually he holds also the chair of the steering committee on Biological Standardization Programme of the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Health Care (EDQM).

Martin Valks

He holds a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from University of Utrecht, and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing of the Netherlands Institute for Marketing. With his 28 years of experience as a senior executive in the International Human and Veterinary pharmaceutical, Vaccine and Medical Technology business, he offers expertise in both strategy as well as operational implementation. He has worked in diverse roles, climbing in responsibility, in marketing, sales business development and market access in Akzo Nobel, Novartis, Coloplast and Tillotts Pharma. He was responsible for profit and loss of triple digit million-euro budgets and realised double digit compounded annual growth. He also managed acquisition and integration of two double digit million annual sales Product acquisitions of Astra Zeneca and Astellas. Founder of Marvapharm, he is now active as consultant for Biotech, Pharma and Med tech companies and its service providers.


Malcisbo won several prestigious awards (Total CHF 262‘500 price money)

Venturekick phases I, II, III  Years 2010 and 2011, One of the 10 best business ideas, Business Plan Competition, 2nd, Year 2010

Swiss Technology Award,  2010 

W.A. de Vigier Foundation, Year 2011

ZKB Pionierpreis Technopark, Year 2011, Finalist

Universal Biotech Innovation Price France, Year 2011, Finalist

Top 100 Startups of Switzerland 2012, Rank 4

CTI Startup Label, Year 2012  


So far Malcisbo could take advantage of 10 grants which contributed 3.25 Mio. CHF non diluting financing.


Institution Mio CHF URL
6 Innosuisse/KTI 2.85
1 Glycopar 0.3
1 BLV 0.175
1 Transvac 0.12
1 Vetbionet 0.12
10 TOTAL 3.565

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